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It’s been nearly 4 years since the founders of Clean Wake LLC sat in a long line at the Bullfrog decontamination station and thought, “there must be a better way”.  The kids were sunburned, sand blasted and ready to head home after a 5-day camping and boating excursion at Lake Powell.  They watched as the DNR staff worked to dutifully decontaminate boats of all shapes and sizes.  Climbing under boats to inspect and flush hot water through intake systems that were far from standardized.  A time consuming and challenging process.  It was at this moment that an idea was formed and the initial collaboration with Utah’s AIS group began.

How about a big tank of water!  Big enough for the largest wake boarding style boats!  This tank would hold hot water and would remove the guess work that comes from accommodating endless design variability for boat raw water intake systems.

The timing of the first collaboration with the State wasn’t quite right.  But 3 years later, things progressed quickly and the end product after nearly 1 year of engineering, collaboration and fabrication is a specially designed, patent pending, tank, pumphouse, heating and filtration system that will vastly improve our ability to decontaminate boats and stop the spread of aquatic invasive species in Utah.

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